Below is the list of programs, camps and clinics we offer. We focus on teaching the fundamentals of the game;

the concepts that the player takes with them on the court that makes them a better player.

We strive to build smart players that make their team stronger. 

The team game...

You are placed on a team based on your age and skill level. We have girls and boys programs. We also have "The Academy" where we introduce young hopefuls to the game of volleyball.


At every level, you learn the skills you need to grow and excel at the exciting and fast-paced indoor game. Learn your role on the court and how to work with your teammates.


Our indoor programs will travel locally, regionally or nationally based on team skill and expectations.

Beach, Sand, Sun...

While those three words are often used in conjunction with relaxing, the Suns program will teach you the skills you need to become a complete player. 


Are you looking to pursue the beach game to compete in tournaments during the summer? Are looking to build your core strength, jumping ability? Do you want to bring the touch of the beach game to your indoor play? Join our beach program and start shining on the beach.



Summer is a great time to play volleyball.   


We offer week long on-site day time camps, evening clinics, beach volleyball and our new Train and Play program.  

Enhance your skills...

Are you looking to get better at attacking or setting? You may want to consider one of our clinics. Our coaches focus on  particular positions during these limited availability clinics. 


Do you need individual attention to focus on assessing your game and getting the immediate feedback you need to improve? Our private lessons will take your game to the next level.