Hotel and Registration Deadline Information

As our 2015 travel tournaments are fast approaching, it is imperative that each family make ALL their hotel reservations to ensure a room at our FSVBC team hotel.

Please do not put this off! Our first hotel reservation deadline is December 10th (for 15U & under)!

Click here to access all the hotels and information needed to make your reservations now. You can also access it from our Calendar page by clicking on the Tournament Schedule

The CUT-OFF date for all Hotels is listed next to the hotel information. If you wait past the cut-off date, rooms will be released and we cannot help you! Save all your confirmation emails where they'll be easy to refer back to. Even if you are not sure if you will be able to attend, BOOK a ROOM anyway, you can always CANCEL! Please be sure to record your cancellation date.

At FSVBC, we prefer all players and their families to stay in the hotel where the coaches are staying. We reserve a block of rooms for each tournament. If a player and their family choose not to stay at the hotel we have blocked, the player will be REQUIRED to attend all team meals and meetings on time at the coaches' hotel.

Hotel arrival day, all players are REQUIRED to be checked into their room the evening (before the day tournament play begins) by 9pm. Team meetings will take place beginning at 9pm and all players are REQUIRED to be in attendance. If you can not get your daughter to the hotel by this curfew, please make the necessary arragements with another parent.

Keep in mind when booking a different hotel other than FSVBC's choice of hotel, for all "Play and Stay" tournaments it is a requirement of that tournament that you stay at one of their approved hotels or your daughter's team may be deemed ineligible to compete in the tournament!

At FSVBC, parents are responsible for arranging their daughter's hotel reservations. You may choose to share a room or send your daugher with another family to stay with, but FSVBC will not book rooms for any player. These arragements must be made on your own.

FSVBC Coaches Flights to Atlanta will be booked soon. As soon as they flights are booked, we will provide you with the information.

HOTEL INFO FOR THE BIG SOUTH IS PENDING...we will have that info to you as soon as it becomes available so that you can make your reservations. BOOK YOUR HOTELS TODAY and enjoy peace of mind this club season knowing it's all taken care of. Please direct all travel questions to Kathleen in Admin as she deals directly with Tournament and Hotel key contacts. As always, please let us know if you have any questions/concerns. We will be discussing in detail all the ins and outs of travel at our Admin meeting time that your team is designated for.Please refer to the "tourney/travel Informational Meeting" email that was sent to you yesterday. Kindly,


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