Beach Runs

Here are the dates of the Beach Runs:

Saturday, 11/21

Saturday, 11/28 Saturday, 12/12 Saturday 12/19 Wednesday, 12/23 Saturday, 12/26 Wednesday, 12/30 Saturday, 1/2

Here is the Beach Run schedule:

7:45am arrival Teams 15B, 16B, 17B & 18B 8am arrival Teams 13B, 14B, 15Y-1 & 17Y 8:15am arrival Teams 13Y, 14Y, 15Y-2 & 16Y

Beach Runs will take approximately 2.5 hours. Girls and boys are to bring their own water. We will have a parent and/or coach stay at the beginning of the beach run with all the athletes' stuff. There will also be parents stationed at the turn around point to supply water. All athletes must wear an FSVBC issued shirt (practice shirt, tank, fall league shirt) If you are interested in purchasing a tank, they are $20.

For Beach Runs, please drop/pick up your daughter at Polk Street and the Hollywood Beach Boardwalk. If you are planning on staying, there is parking at the Hollywood Beach Hotel or there are meters along Tyler and Arizona Street. If parking at the metes along Tyler or Arizona Street there is an app called parkmobile app and you can pay for parking using the app. PLEASE DROP OFF YOUR DAUGHTERS BEFORE PARKING AS THE RUNNING GROUPS CANNOT WAIT FOR LATE ARRIVALS.

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